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Velan Engineering manufactures Multi Station Indexing Table. It is used for automation that’s helps in quicker production in pressing, riveting, welding and other related applications. The machine is robust, sophisticated and economical for multiple purposes. Single machine is suitable for various type components. Number of station varies from 2 to 6 and diameter of the table depends on customer requirement. Indexing table is rotated either by Hydraulic or DC Drive. Positioning in this table is done with positive lock by Pneumatic controls. Velan Engineering offers synchronization of indexing table with Hydraulics, Pneumatic Presses, Plastic Welding machines, Drilling machines and other related applications with PLC or electric control panels.

Velan engineering are also manufacturers of  “VELA” brand Valve Life Cycle Testing Machine, Hydraulic Presses, Broaching machine, High Speed Deep Drawing Press, Pressure Testing Machines, Hot Presses For Rubber and Bakelite Moulding, Dhoop Stick and Other Squeezing Machine, Coining Press, Compacting Presses, special type Power Pack and Cylinders, and other Hydraulic and Pneumatic based customized special purpose machines. Motto of VELAN ENGINEERING is Innovative product with Quality and Quick delivery to customer for their entire satisfaction.

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